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Every day in MEATING GROUP is a celebration of life.

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Serving best MEATS and FOOD since 1949

MEATING GREECE is located in Platanias Chania, Crete, Greece.  Our facilities and headquarters are built according to the highest standards, safeguarding quality and safety.

Satisfying customers and sharing is a mentality 

A few words about us

Serving best MEATS and FOOD since 1949

Best ingredients from local producers!

Nothing brings people together than good food.

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Our Food Policy

Having the vision of showing that Greece is a worthy competitor in the international stage of the butchery art and the promotion of our great national culinary tradition, we offer only the best products, filled up with our passion for meat and urge to satisfy customers.        

Our Core Values

Meating Group’s target is to create state of the art meat and food products based on tradition and high-quality standards, so as you to make memories around the table!

Our Team

Meet the meat experts,

In 2018, Meating Group won the Award for the Best Burger Product, in the World Butchers’ Challenge, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


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If you are passionate about meat and food, you are more than welcomed to join our team.

Leonidas Mathioulakis


Sidrit Burrja

Head Butcher

Aida Bilimani

Head Butcher

Frini & Markos

Team's Members